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An August 2002 trip to Mexico by Paul Middleton

Quote: Overview of a month in Mexico. Travelling from Mexico City to Cancun. Stopping off at the major sites along the way.




Arriving at 8:30am, alone at the site. The aura and feeling of power this place generates is immense. Sitting on top of the Pyramid Of The Sun. The centre of the Aztec universe, and the resting place of the Ark of the Crystal Skulls (our link to the past).

Quick Tips:

Mexico City
Tips on everything from what to take, places to stay, and must sees.

Best Way To Get Around:

Buses from Mexico City
Getting around tube and bus wise. With a little riverboat ride to Yaxichillan thrown in for good measure.

From Terminal Norte, purchase your ticket to T-E-O-T at Gate 8, chances are that's as near as you'll get to pronouncing it before you notice the word PYRAMIDS written on the ticket board. At 23 pesos it seemed almost sacreligious. It's best to get there early--a 9am bus is just chipper, but don't forget the munchies, as your stomach will unleash a heartfelt roar by the time you arrive. Teotihucan I recall as we approached the site the immense surroundings that encompassed the area. As the bus drew nearer, it became obvious that in fact my presumed mountain was the Pyramid of the Sun. My heart was in my mouth, and my brain was rattling like a pensioner in a supermarket looking fo...Read More

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