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Secret Santorini

A September 2002 trip to Santorini by Amanda63

Quote: This mystical place is born from a volcanic eruption. If you like moon-like landscapes, beautiful beaches, warm suns, and fantastic sunsets, then go. The main town Fira is good for shopping and nightlife. Oia is tops for sunsets and glorious lookout spots over the rim of the caldera (volcano).
Best Things Nearby:The view over the caldera, shops, and artisan craft shops.Best Things About the Resort:The View and the swimming pool.Resort Experience:Nice, clean, and fairly basic. Air conditioning was extra, but worth it. They have a bistro for drinks and snacks. There's a drinks bar at the pool, and a machine for cold drinks. Unit Type: 1 Bedroom Activities: Not Available Amenities: Good Unit Satisfaction: Very Good Family Friendliness: Good Service: Good...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on January 9, 2003

Laokasti Villas
Santorini, Greece 84702

Restaurant 51


Good dining is hard to find in many Greek islands -- but this little gem was found at the top of the island in Oia behind some ornate iron gates on the right as you walk up. To get an outside table you have to book but we got a good table very good service and an excellent menu, with a surprisingly wide wine menu. It wasn't cheap but what the heck, you're in Santorini, the best place in the world!!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on January 9, 2003

Restaurant 51
Santorini, Greek Islands

There are a few vineyards and I can''t remember the name of all of them, but find them -- it''s worth it. You can arrange a tasting, which is fun, and a tour which can be interesting.

Vin Santo is a sweet desert wine, and you can dip biscuits into it, or drink it chilled to round off a good meal. Vedema (meaning "harvest") wine is a general table wine, so it will be cheaper. Generally, Santorini wine is difficult to find once you get home so bring some bottles back with you.

When you''re done you can make yourself a Bellini, peach juice and Santorini sparkling white wine -- fantastic, aah! For information and a tour here is the telephone number: +30-22860-81607.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on January 9, 2003

Boutari Vineyard, Vouvolos
Santorini, Greek Islands 84700