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Italian Whirlwind

An April 2002 trip to Italy by Sierra

Orvietto Duomo Photo, Italy, Europe More Photos
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Orvieto - on the road

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Orvietto Duomo Photo, Italy, Europe
We found Orvieto by happy accident. We had a long drive from Rome to Florence and wanted to find something interesting along the way, so we pored over the car rental map and the Green Guide and settled on two cities, Orvieto and Siena. Both cities were full of fascinating art and architecture, and both distinctive for their history and design: Orvieto is built on a tufa (volcanic rock) butte, high above the surrounding countryside. Siena is a walled city which is built on hills. Architectural finds in the city go back over 2,500+ years of settlement. Orvieto's butte rises sharply from the river valley below, and you can easily see why this location was an important crossroads in Italy's history....Read More