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The German Wine Road

A June 2002 trip to Deidesheim by Bev'sTravels

Quote: Residenz Mandelgarten, Deidesheim, Germany is in the heart of the historic Weinstrasse, or Wine Road. Visit the castle at Heidelberg, or bike through the vineyards. The resort is within walking distance of the entire town, and affords day trips to historic cities

The German Wine Road


The castle at Heidelberg, an hour away, is a must if you want to get a real feel for life in the European Middle Ages. Mingle with visitors from all over the world, wander the cobble-stoned streets, taste delicacies you've never seen before, and isten to the traditional German music. In Deidescheim, you must rent a bicycle and ride into the hills and through the vineyards. Look down through rows of grape vines and onto clay-colored roofs and white church spires of the villages nestled in the valley--it's a timeless view. You must walk through the next town of Forst, peeking in the windows at the white-lace curtains behind window boxes cascading with flowers. Imagine living in the anci...Read More
Best Things Nearby:Lovely historic town with castle. It's 1+ hour to Heidelberg, Speir, and several other castles. Hike or bicycle through the vineyards.Best Things About the Resort:It's conveniently located in a town where you don't need a car. Walk or bike to the grocery store. Foods and wines are FABULOUS.Resort Experience:The bedroom was HUGE. The living room was cozy. The dining and kitchen area were adequate. There was a large bathroom. There was a small area in the entry, at the bottom of the steps to the main area, where one son made his bedroom--which gave us all more privacy. This is a wonderful, beautiful ancient, romantic area of Germany. Try the...Read More

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Residenz Mandelgarten Deidesheim
An Der Marlach 21
Deidesheim, Germany
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