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Christmas in Oxnard

A December 2002 trip to Oxnard by NDtpt

Quote: Christmas at the beach, what a wonderful combination. The waves were big. The weather was awesome. The beaches were very nice and quiet. I would love to go again.

Christmas in Oxnard


Oxnard is 55 miles from Los Angeles. I flew into LAX and it took a little over an hour to get to the resort. Oxnard its in the middle of to marina towns. Santa Barbara is North and another is South. There is not much to do right in Oxnard itself. You should mainly use it as a home base. It's an easy drive to LA and all its attractions. The beach near the resort was wonderful and all the beach houses were fantastic to look at. Easily the multi-million dollar homes are right next door to you. It was an excellent location.Quick Tips: If you are traveling to our from Los Angeles try to travel during off peak times. Not during morning or afternoon rush hour. Best Way To Get Around: Y...Read More
Best Things Nearby:OCEAN! The resort is right next to the ocean. You are in a wonderful beach community. Very fancy expensive beach houses are all around you. Best Things About the Resort:Really the best thing about this timeshare is its location, that's it. They have no onsite amenities and the units were not that upkept. Resort Experience:The two bedroom units are fairly large. However, they have older decor and are not upkept very well. In our unit we had holes in the ceiling of the closets and the carpet was full of stains.The staff was very nice and they had daily maid service. The beach is right at your door step. Sand lines the streets and you have g...Read More

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