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Christmas in Branson

A November 2002 trip to Reeds Spring by SueSeber

Quote: Branson is a great place to go around Christmas. The shows are excellent and the decorations out of this world. Everyone in Branson is so polite and the entertainers do their best to put on a very enjoyable show. Stonebridge Village is the best place to stay.

Christmas in Branson


Seeing the Radio City Rocketts and the Andy Williams show was the highlight of the weekend. Shopping in the Christmas Village was great. The clerks are all so nice and seem to enjoy getting to know the customers. Be sure and eat at Short Small's BBQ.

Quick Tips:

If you can, visit Branson in the middle of the week to avoid all the traffic.

Best Way To Get Around:

The best way to get around is either on a bus or if driving yourself, use the alternates routes whenever possible.
Best Things Nearby:Branson, MO, and all of the wonderful shows were only a few miles from the resort.Best Things About the Resort:This was a bonus vacation in one of the most visited places in the midwest.Resort Experience:The two bedroom units are very spacious and beautifully decorated. Everything you can imagine was provided, including games. The units all have a country setting and are not crowded together. Check-in was simple. We attended several activities provided at the resort and enjoyed all of them. It is the nicest timeshare resort that we have ever visited. Unit Type: 2 Bedroom...Read More

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