Porto Journals

Romantic Northern Portugal

An August 2002 trip to Porto by Amanda

Quote: The long sandy beaches and Atlantic rollers occupy some visitors the whole time they're here, but there's a wealth of other things to do, however. The second largest city in the country, Oporto is a gorgeous and romantic town that spills over steep hills near the river.

Romantic Northern Portugal


Northern Portugal lies at the western edge of the European sub-continent--warm from being so far south but energized by the Atlantic rolling in from the west. Atlantic rollers mean great surfing, apparently. Away from the coast there are many other things to do, however. Northern Portugal is a romantic’s dream–-there's an abundance of small, ancient towns, a wealth of stunning scenery, and scores of churches perched on steep hills, bathed in warm golden sunshine in summer, and blessed with great views all year long. Quick Tips: Portugal is one of the cheaper countries in the EU, and uses the Euro. Credit cards are not accepted everywhere, and some places that do accept them w...Read More