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An October 2002 trip to Bologna by luvdablz

Osteria Tubeya da Simona Photo, Bologna, Italy More Photos
Quote: This was one the most beautiful Italian countrysides during our honeymoon in Italy. The drive though the Santerno Valley was breathtaking--a must-see!

Osteria Tubeya da Simona

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Osteria Tubeya da Simona Photo, Bologna, Italy
We rolled into this beautiful part of the Emilia-Romana region of Italy about 40 miles south of Bologna and stayed at an agriturismo home called CA-Monte, which sits at the top of the valley. What a view!!! As everything was closed on Mondays in the area, our host escorted us to this little osteria in the town of Belvedere, where he knew the owners and explained to them that we were on our honeymoon. To say that we were waited on hand and foot is an understatement. The owners, who include Simona, Silvano, and our lovely waitress, Giuliana, were the most gracious hosts, and took us on a culinary adventure of the local fare in the Santerno Valley. We welcomed their culionary suggestions for...Read More

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Osteria Tubeya da Simona
Via Belvedere 31
Bologna, Italy
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