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Philip Island

A September 2003 trip to Phillip Island by Tim G

Phillip Island Nature Parks and Penguin Parade Photo, Victoria, Australia More Photos
Quote: There is a lot more to do on Philip Island that just see the penguins and the seals. However, that's all we did--and both were excellent experiences.

Philip Island


view from walkway Photo, Phillip Island, Australia
PENGUIN PARADE: It's hyped, seems overly commercial. But give it a chance. Once the penguins come ashore you realize how special it is. NOBBIES AND SEAL ROCKS: The seals are nice, but you don't really see them up close. The setting itself though is magnicient. This windswept and very rugged coastline is a real wild spot.Quick Tips: Bring binoculars. They will be handy for viewing seals, birdlife, penguins, etc. We would have liked to have had more time so that we could have visted the Koala Conservation Centre. Don't expect to be able to take pictures of the penguins. Apparently the prospect of thousands of flash bulbs greeting the penguins when they come ashore did...Read More

The Nobbies Centre

Attraction | "Nobbies and Seal Rocks"

The Nobbies Centre Photo, Phillip Island, Australia
The Nobbies are two huge rock stacks at the tip of the Summerland Peninsula. You can reach them via a platform of basalt at low tide. This is truly a wild spot with rocky shores, covered with green grass. Incredibly windy at times, with a real maritime feel. There's a cool blowhole here, too. Muttonbirds nest here from September to April. We were lucky enough to visit during this time, and seeing them swooping and swarming around their burrows was an impressive sight. So, too, are the Australian fur seals. This is the largest colony of them, over 16,000. Between late October and December, the numbers swell on account of it being breeding season. You will always se...Read More

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The Nobbies Centre
Point Grant, Ventnor Road
Philip Island, Victoria, Australia

Phillip Island Nature Parks and Penguin Parade

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Attraction | "Penguin Parade"

Phillip Island Nature Parks and Penguin Parade Photo, Victoria, Australia
This is the island's star attraction. If you came out just for this, it wouldn't be a wasted trip. This is the largest colony of the little penguins. There's 20,000 on the island and you'll see as many as 2,000 in the parade area. Now, first impressions aren't good. The large parking area, scores of visitors, concrete-stepped stands. It feels commercial, and there's 4,000 visitors a night. So I guess it can hardly not be commercial. And the cost seems steep at $12.50. But before passing judgement, think about it for a few minutes. With this many visitors, it has to be controlled, or else the damage done to the penguins' burrows would be devestating. The money you pay goes into maintain...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on January 1, 2003

Phillip Island Nature Parks and Penguin Parade
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