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Moonstruck in San Miguel

A December 2002 trip to San Miguel de Allende by lovinlife

Quote: Cobblestone streets that stretches straight up to the skyline. Great restaurants, bars, art galleries and very friendly people. The houses are charming, tiled patios, ironwork and potted plants on balconies.

Moonstruck in San Miguel


Walk through the streets, shop at the many shops, take a break and watch the street performers, stop in a great coffee shop/bakery, and visit a gallery. Don't miss having dinner at Mama Mia's Italian restaurant/bar/dance club. The food is excellent and very inexpensive. For a memorable evening plan a night of dining at La Capilla, a stunning restaurant attached to the main cathedral downtown. Walk up the winding stairs to the rooftop where you can dine under the stars and the moon. It is a scene straight from a movie set, it couldn't be more perfect. Quick Tips: Best Way To Get Around: Walking is the best way to get around, but prepare to walk vertically up the steep hills. If ...Read More
Best Things Nearby:When you stay here you are at the top of the town. You can look down and see the entire town of San Miguel de Allende. All the shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, and dance clubs are within walking distance.Best Things About the Resort:Beautiful resort with a nice pool, great food, and a friendly staff. The unit was basic but had a great patio overlooking the gorgeous town. Resort Experience:It was one of the most romantic towns I have ever traveled to. The people were friendly and catered to our every need. The food was outstanding and we were able to work off the extra calories by walking up the hills to our resort. Of the three RCI re...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on December 18, 2002

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