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Sharing Shades in Port Alfred

An April 2002 trip to Port Alfred by Kotie

Quote: This was spending time with my sister and two brothers and their wives for my father's 80th birthday.

Sharing Shades in Port Alfred


It was rather windy and cool so that walks or swimming was out of the question. We had a lovely view of the blue/green/grey sea. The colors of the sea changed by the hour. We sat on our wooden stoep for long, long storytelling sessions, digging back to the old times conversations. Playing cards with mother always makes one depressed - always losing to her and so happy also because of all the hysterical laughter we had for the funny things we come up with. I once took the broom to sweep the floor and on the spur of the moment asked them if it is ok if I sweep or do they want to go somewhere with it - they nearly died of laughter when they realized what I implied.Quick Tips: No video machines a...Read More

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