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Culebra Island

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Quote: I recently returned from Culebra Island.

Culebra Island


soni Photo, Culebra Island, Puerto Rico
I recently returned from Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, one of the featured beaches on Travel Channel. Let me tell you, it was probably the best, and I mean thee best, beach I have ever visited. Better then Hawaii, St. John's, and many other places I have been in the world. Besides the great beaches, the island reminds me of the way the Caribbean was 20 to 30 years ago. Culebra really is the last virgin island.Quick Tips: Playa Flamenco: This spectacularly beautiful beach is on the north shore of Culebra Island. The 3-mile-long crescent has shade trees, clear, shallow water, picnic tables, and rest rooms. It is popular on weekends with day-trippers from Fajardo. In the winter, storms in the Atl...Read More


Hotel | "Mamacitas"

Mamacita's Photo, Culebra Island, Puerto Rico
Simple, clean and Caribbean style. The guest house also has a restaurant that on weekends is the hotest spot on the island. The food was great, and I suggest the Caribbean-style lobster. It was worth every penny.

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