St. Johns Journals

Canada's first city

A travel journal to St. Johns by jleem

Quote: Saint John is Canada's oldest city. Rich in history and activies for every member of the family

Canada's first city


Rafting through the "Reversing Falls"; exploring natural caves. Visiting parks along the fundy bay, which has the highest tides in the world. Ocean swimming as well as fresh water fishing, sports, and skiing within a short drive.

Quick Tips:

During the summer festivals, there are cultural shows that are unique to the maritimes of Canada. The shops are reasonably priced and although there are no timeshares here, Saint John is great for cruises and quick drives from Maine. It's only 1hr away from Calais.

Best Way To Get Around:

Saint John has bus tours that are organized and will show you all the historical sites. Public transportation is also available and is very reasonably priced.