Mono Lake Journals

A last-minute day trip proves to be highly-rewardi

A September 2001 trip to Mono Lake by popoki_girl

Quote: Like an eerie moonscape, Mono Lake's desolate surroundings have beckoned us for years. A quick trip gave us just a taste of what more to expect. Next time, we're going down to see the actual tufa formations.

A last-minute day trip proves to be highly-rewardi


We walked the Visitor Center trail that leads down toward the lake. The hubby sits on a bench and I try to take a picture of him, but all I get is an unflattering view of Highway 395 and scrub brush. Hubby turns his head to the left and whispers, "Look! A coyote!" I squint in that general direction and see nothing at first, then I see him, about 15 feet away from us. He pauses for a moment, then drops his head down. His head picks up and he has a dead ground squirrel in his mouth. He scampers off into the scrub. The hubby asks if we should get going. I suggest we walk just a bit farther. We hadn't gone too far when we see the coyote again, barely disguised in the scrub and heartily chewing his meal. W...Read More