Patagonia Journals

In and Out of Patagonia

A travel journal to Patagonia by Languedoc

Puerto Natales Photo, Patagonia, Chile More Photos
Quote: An account of several visits to Patagonia.

In and Out of Patagonia


Boat or Sea Anchor? Photo, Patagonia, Chile
The wind is the most memorable thing about Patagonia, followed by the wonderful scenery. An example of the wind: When it is blowing strongly and the Boeing 737 turns into it to land, you can feel the plane's speed suddenly decrease, as though the pilot is using reverse thrusters. When the plane lands and pulls up on the tarmac near the terminal--each passenger is escorted across the tarmac by an airline employee because it is common for people to be knocked down by a gust. For a good description of the wind's power, St. Exupery, the French air mail pioneer and author of The Little Prince, told of being swept out to sea by a wind coming down the Andes and when he fought his way on to Punta Arenas he tu...Read More