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A June 2000 trip to Lake Titicaca by guille88

Lake Titicaca Photo, Peru, South America More Photos
Quote: In the middle of the peruvian-bolivian high plateau is located this mystical blue lake, full of magic and history.

Lake Titicaca

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Lake Titicaca Photo, Peru, South America
The first sight is really impressive. After driving for a few hours in a treeless cold plateau, 3.800 meters above the sea level, with few small indigenous towns, under a cloudless sky, comes to sight the huge Titicaca, like an ocean in the middle of the mountains. This natural beauty is shared by Peru and Bolivia, and both sides of the lake are as interesting. On the Peruvian side, the starting point is Puno, where boats can be taken to the floating islands, to visit the local Indians , with the possibility of spending the night in their homes. On the Bolivian side, Copacabana is the place to visit. From Copacabana depart every morning to Isla del Sol (island of the Sun) and Isla de la Luna (island ...Read More

Lake Titicaca
Near Puno