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An August 2002 trip to Sedona by germanneliese

Quote: I spent a wonderful week at the Sedona Springs Resort. The resort was fabulous. The units are huge and nicely decorated. I can highly recommend this resort and this destination.

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We stayed one week in Sedona. Although shopping and visiting art galleries is great in this area, we mainly went hiking. There are so many great hiking trails in the area. The resort is very helpful by giving lots of information about the area and trail maps. Lots of Indian ruins in the area, but hard to get to unless traveling with a truck.

Quick Tips:

We took a Pink Jeep tour through the area - a real nice adventure, and I would highly recommend it.

Best Way To Get Around:

A truck or 4-wheel drive is ideal for the area - lots of dirt roads
Best Things Nearby:Wonderful hiking trail and great restaurants. Beautiful scenery.Best Things About the Resort:The timeshare is clean and nicely decorated. I loved the shower and bathroom.Resort Experience:The timeshare is a little outside the city, but easy to find. Great staff and everything was clean and neat. We took a lot of hiking tours and did the galleries in town. It's a nice place to go to unwind. Unit Type: 2 Bedroom Activities: Fair Amenities: Very Good Unit Satisfaction: Very Good Fa...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on November 6, 2002

Sedona Springs Resort
55 Northview Rd.
Sedona, Arizona 86339