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The Paradise of Nigeria

A travel journal to Lagos by AlexTravelz

Quote: I am from Nigeria. Nigeria is ofter confused with a dirty place, but in fact it is quite clean. We have many facilities to offer the world.

The Paradise of Nigeria


My favorite pastime here is to hang out. We love just lounging around in the sun on the swings. Also, be sure to see the National Musuem of Petroleum. It is very interesting to see how petroleum is refined.

Quick Tips:

Wear plently of sun screen. Be sure to drink only bottled water here.

Best Way To Get Around:

Taxi - but be careful as they like to overcharge tourists.

Kaka's Delight


very nice food.. similar to Indian food except it is mixed with less spices.. the waiters here are very friendly and the delivery is fast.. they are opening a chain around Lagos soon. That tells you how good it is. Try it out.. more to come.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on November 1, 2002

Kaka's Delight
Corner of Ali Jinnah Marg
Lagos, Nigeria

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