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Taipei Heat

A May 1991 trip to Taipei by Mchaela

Quote: While visiting a friend who was teaching in the expatriot communitity in Taipei, I got the chance of a lifetime to see Taipei from a residents point of view.

Taipei Heat


When I finally got off the plane in Taipei, the heat and humidity was so thick that I could taste the foul air. I understand that there has been a concentrated effort to clean up the polution in Taipei, so I hope the air isn't as filthy as it was in '91. I have never felt so welcome as I was by the Taiwanese. Friends of my friend brought me gifts of welcome and showed an almost overwhelming attention to me. The markets are a must see. Especially the Shihlin Night Market. It was great watching a typical Japanese horror flick with Mandarin, Tawainese and English subtitles while sitting on the steps of a temple. Quick Tips: Learn a couple words in Chinese before you go. Most people do no...Read More
My friend and I walked up to a side entrance to the memorial and, seeing several people coming and going out of the gate, walked up to what we thought was an entrance. Smiling and waving at people, we walked into the grounds. I was overwhelmed by the simple beauty of the memorial. The pristine white marble and blue tiled roof of the memorial hall is impressive. We stood in the mall in front of the memorial and between the traditional Chinese style buildings that house the National Theatre and the National Concert Hall. We were amazed at how quiet everything was and that there wasn't a soul in sight. On the square directly in front of the Memorial Hall was a double line of police vehicl...Read More

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Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
Zhong Shan South Road
Taipei, Taiwan 100
+886 2 2349 1635

I was in awe as I walked up to the museum. It is a beautiful structure. The National Palace Museum is touted as one of the best museums in the world for a reason. It is home to the largest collection of Chinese artifacts in the world but only a relative few can be on display at one time. I found myself overwhelmed by the beauty and craftmanship of the pieces from ancient times. There are works in ancient pottery, jade, bronze, lacquer and fabulous tapestries and books. Even if you aren't much a fan of Asian art, you cannot help but be impressed with the works here. Shop in the gift shop as you are leaving. I picked up prints of some incredible art for very low prices. Even though I had to...Read More

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National Palace Museum
221 Chih-shan Rd. Sec 2
Taipei, Taiwan

The Smelliest Delicasy in the World

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For those in the know, I mean, of course, Cho Dofu (literally "stinky tofu"). This Taiwanese delicacy is sold from carts in many of the markets in Taipei. When I went to visit my friend, he made me promise to try everything. No problem. That's one of the joys of travel, right? Well, I loved most everything I tried, Taipei has fabulous food, but this was the one thing I couldn't swallow. Seriously. It's not called stinky tofu for nothing. Cho Dofu is deep fried fermented tofu served with cabbage and hot sauce. If you can stomach it, it is a nice, cheap meal. The smell is, well, not to mince words, vile. To me it smells like my dogs doo-doo. Of course, when I tried it, it tasted exactly like...Read More