Stuttgart Journals

Volksfest- a true beer festival with locals

An October 2002 trip to Stuttgart by lbailey

Quote: Volksfest is close to the equivalent of Octoberfest in Munich, although with many more locals and not nearly as many tourists. It runs during the same time period as Octoberfest, ending around the first week of October, we were there for the last Friday of the festival.

Volksfest- a true beer festival with locals


The festival ground is large with insane rides, vendors, and of course, huge beer halls. First thing we did is get a delicious sausage that could tempt any vegetarian. They are sooo good. Well, after walking around, checking out the place, we were getting awfully thirsty. Pick from any of the many beer halls, but try to find the ones that look the most happening. It is very important to come early, because if you don't have a seat by 7:00, most likely you won't find one easily and you can't get served standing. Stare in amazement at the amount of beer mugs one waitress can hold. People are crowding in by 5, German beer songs throughout the night, a few dancing by 7, and by 9 EVERYONE is on the tables ...Read More