White Sands Journals

A child (or 29 year old)'s paradise

A December 2001 trip to White Sands by isewell

Snow Angels Photo, White Sands, New Mexico More Photos
Quote: White Sands is a wonderful playground, like something out of a dream. The dunes are high, and the sand is incredibly soft.

A child (or 29 year old)'s paradise


Snow Angels Photo, White Sands, New Mexico
I spent an embarassingly long time running up the dunes (taking two strides for every stride I advanced, as the dune tumbled away below me) and frolicking about in the snow-like sand.Quick Tips: Bring your kids! They will thank you. Everyone we saw was having a blast here though. There's not much to learn (unless you try hard) but it's an experience you won't soon forget.Best Way To Get Around: You can drive around the loop trail, which takes you to almost all the highlights of the park. Although the road isn't paved all the way (the shifting sands would make paving futile), the road is very well graded and shouldn't be a problem for any car. When walking around the dunes, ...Read More
Oryx Photo, White Sands, New Mexico
White Sands is just outside the big White Sands Air Force Base. As we were driving along the main road leading to the monument, they were pulling everyone over to ID them. I'm not sure if this increased security was just part of 9/11 precautions, but we were happy to be able to pull out our green cards and no more questions were asked. On a more pleasant note we were surprised to see an Oryx. This is a large animal (sort of like a bison) that wanders the desert. We'd never seen anything like it, and we dove into our guidebook for an explanation. Turns out that a small population of these things was imported from Africa in the 60's for hunting. Of course, the plan wasn't that well thought ou...Read More

Driving Around the Park

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Driving Around Photo, White Sands, New Mexico
There is a visitor's center just off the main road that has very good detailed information about animals you're likely to see, the geology of the area, etc. Don't spend too long here though - there's a lot of sand to see. One of the first things we noticed was the constant buzz of F117's flying over head. This was rather unfortunate, as it made it harder to escape into the natural surroundings. We took a few short nature walks before we got into the thick of it. There are many scrub areas on the edge of the dunes, which explain the vegetation you are (perhaps) looking at. Driving on, the paved road comes to an end, and the road becomes flattened sand. It turns out there is...Read More