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Kande Beach, Malawi

A May 2002 trip to Malawi by matttan

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Quote: Kande Beach, Malawi, is definitely one of those out of the way places that few travellers get to. But if your in that part of the world, the effort is worth it.

Kande Beach, Malawi


Lake Malawi Photo, Malawi, Africa
Mooch mooch mooch!!!

The only accommodation is literally right on the beach - either in small huts or camping. The town itself is quite small, and anywhere you go outside the campsite you will have many local friends. Just ask them whatever you want!

Quick Tips:

Hook up with the chief's son - he can tell you many interesting things about the place, and point you in the right direction if you need anything.

Best Way To Get Around:

Walking is pretty much the only option. But from the beach to the main road in town is only 15 minutes, so it's no strain.

Very casual place. Unless you bring your own food or buy at the markets, the only place to eat in town, really. But the food is good - especially the breakfast. Range of Western dishes, as well as some African flavours through the menu.

Make sure you try the banana wine, too! You can buy a bottle in these funky bottles with cool African figures drawn on them - nice momento!

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Kande Beach Bar


Very laid back. Good music, good atmosphere, good prices. And if its your birthday, you can get a 'special'. You won't be told what it is (I never found out), and the only rule is it must be emptied in one go. Rocket fuel!

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Village tour


Ask the chief's son to take you for a tour of the town (best if pre-arranged). You can find out a lot about the history of the local tribe, the town progression to chief, and so on. Visit a church (the majority of the town is Christian). Visit the school (around 1,100 children to less than 10 teachers).
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During the day, there are a bunch of local guys outside the campsite trying (sometimes over-vigourously) to sell you their wares. Take a look - some of them are really good! Particularly worth considering are the Malawi chairs - a pretty unique wooden design, and usually very well priced. Also, some cool paintings. I got my hair dredlocked while there (Stan the Man is the place to go). Make sure you bargain for everything, though!

But at night, everything is closed up, and they mooch out, playing bongo drums. These guys are really good. We stayed, and just chilled out with them for ages - nothing said, as nothing needed to be said. Very cool.