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The bay of Fundy

A July 2001 trip to Alma by spaceout

Fuller falls Photo, Alma, New Brunswick More Photos
Quote: We hoped in the car and headed for the Fundy trail, which is part of the Fundy Provincial Park, New Brunswick. By car, bike, foot or kayak, one cannot be less than impressed by the beauty of nature. This was my first trip here, and certainly not my last.

The bay of Fundy

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Fuller falls Photo, Alma, New Brunswick
Their motto is "It's spectacular from every view", and I must agree that it is quite appropriate. For a minimum fee at the park's entrance, you also receive a trail map. There are many lookouts and footpaths also used for bicycles. The whole trail is a few km. long, and almost at the end of the trail is a scenic foot path and a suspension bridge. People were basking in the sun and enjoying a quick dip in the cold water of the river when we got there. I must admit that I was very impressed by the Fuller Falls. One can park the car and skip down a set of steep stairs down to a beautiful waterfall a few meters high. Although well hidden by the trees, it is quite close to the parking and easily access...Read More

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