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Vancouver - Ski/Kayak on the same day!

A travel journal to Vancouver by LadyDree

Deep Cove, BC Photo, Vancouver, British Columbia More Photos
Quote: It's can kayak and snow ski on the same day! Winters in Vancouver are usually relatively mild, however in the mountains there is enough snow to ski.

Vancouver - Ski/Kayak on the same day!

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Deep Cove, BC Photo, Vancouver, British Columbia
I have been to Vancouver many, many times. In fact, it's become a "home away from home" for me. I have been there in all seasons and I can say that I have visited every month of the year. There is so much to do in Vancouver, that it's very hard to tell you my favourite thing. I will have to say sea kayaking in Deep Cove on the North Shore ranks among my top choices. There isn't much that I have personally experienced that can compare to sea kayaking in Deep Cove. Imagine, gliding along the ocean water, sun glistening, a fresh breeze at your back and unbelievable mountain views. Just as you're enjoying your kayak, a seal pops out of the water nearby or you look up and see a bald ea...Read More

Stanley Park



Stanley Park is about 1000 acres in downtown Vancouver on the harbour. You will enjoy many gardens with beautiful flowers and be surrounded by very tall trees.

You can sit and relax on the grassy areas or if you prefer, take a seat by the ocean on the many beaches you'll find in the park.

There are also activities such as the Aquarium and the farmyard. If you don't feel like walking, take a ride on the miniature railway that goes around the park. Expect a fee for some of these activities.

If you are just wanting to relax in beautiful surroundings, Stanley Park is the place to go.

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Stanley Park
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