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Two days in Bruges

A June 2000 trip to Bruges by Tuuli

Quote: I didi some travelling in Northeastern Europe in June, and Bruges was my last destination. I stayed there for two nights and spent my days wandering around in this charming - though rainy at the time - medieval town.

Two days in Bruges

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Architecture in Bruges is probably very typical for a Flemish town dating back to the Middle Ages, but I had never seen anything like that before. I loved the buildings, and the canals are just lovely. They are amazingly beautiful and pictoresque with small boats and bridges. Bruges - or Brugge in Flemish - is definitely a town of delicacies. Chocolate is a must, it's just divine, and waffles are yummy. Of course, there are hordes of tourists everywhere. I honestly think I saw more tourists than locals during my stay. It's a nice town, but it would make a lot more genuine impact without the tourists... But what can you do? There are advantages of course: everybody speaks perfect English, there ...Read More
Charlie Rockets isn't only a hostel, it's also a pub of Americal style and TexMex food. The location is very central and the rooms are very basic but good and clean, like the toilets and showers in the hall. The staff is ok - not unfriendly, but not extraordinary friendly either. Breakfast available. They have a website and booking online or via e-mail is possible. I can't remember the address but you can find it, just search.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on August 27, 2000

Charlie Rockets
Hoogstraat 19
Bruges, Belgium