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Autumn in the Cape

A September 2000 trip to Cape Cod by wegetaround01

Quote: Our first trip to "The Cape" -- very nice area. Plenty to do. Bring your cable knit sweaters and turtlenecks, warm up with the locals over a brew or two.

Autumn in the Cape

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Only 90 miles from Boston and just a hop, skip and jump to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Provincetown is a must-see...which was about 1.5 hours (of course, we were lost). ANTIQUES and CLAM CHOWDER GALORE!!! You have to stop in nearly every small town. The Whaling House restaurant in Provincetown was great!!! Quick Tips: It's cool this time of year (end of Sept), so bring your sweaters and jeans for sure. Get to Provincetown during the day which would make it an easier drive. Take plenty of spending money for the Cape and Nantucket!!! If you must have your everyday, Gap-type of shopping, then there is a mall in Hyannis (I heard it's the only one on the Cape). Best Way To G...Read More
Best Things Nearby:The cool accents of the local people! Antiquing!You can't beat the local scene. Try out the Hyannis Spa, Nantucket/Chatham for antiquing, the "bahs," the sunrise, the beaches, the Hyannis Train & Dinner tour. . . and, of course, Provincetown!Best Things About the Resort:The indoor pool surprised me, which was huge, heated and clean! The hottub turned out to be a favorite also, so we definitely made the best of it. There is also a nice restaurant on-site and it's open late.Resort Experience:Rooms were below average, but this awhile ago, so I'd check check to see if they remodeled. Not much privacy accommodating four people. It has everyt...Read More

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on September 16, 2002

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Cape Cod, Massachusetts
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