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weekend vacation in Assos

An August 2002 trip to Assos by -chucky-

Quote: Assos is the one of the turkey's historical tourism areas. as we know this we want to go there, then we went to assos from Bursa. And wanderful holiday starts...

weekend vacation in Assos


Assos is not only summer holidays. Lots of people say that autumn in Assos is also very wonderful.

You should go to Athena Temple in the village, it's incredibly beautiful. In the village, you can buy some things for your friends, while Kadýrga Beach and Antique Harbor are the most touristic places to swim. These beaches are very beautiful and very long. You should also see the Anfi Theather and the Cities of Dead (they're the most interesting historical placas).

Quick Tips:

If you do go to Athena Temple, you should go there at sundown, and don't forget a bottle of wine!

Best Way To Get Around:

Assos is not a very big town so you can get around by walking.

Hotel Assos


This is a great location in Assos and I liked the way their staff treated the customers.

The hotel has:
50 rooms and 120 beds
all rooms have direct telephone, shower and toilet, TV, air- conditioning, minibar, central heating, and a hair-dryer
4 restaurants, including a breakfast lounge
Disco, table tennis, billiards, jogging, surfing, and kids activities.

Each room rental includes bed, breakfast and dinner.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on September 7, 2002

Hotel Assos
antikliman berhamkale ayvacýk-canakkale
Assos, Turkey

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