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Sun, sand, surf and sculpture

A January 2001 trip to Mahabalipuram by arjun_mandaiker

Quote: If you want to revel in some of the cleanest, most inviting beaches in India, head south towards Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram, as it is known more popularly. The 7th Century AD sculptures will wow you even as you bask in the cheerful, holiday ambience.

Sun, sand, surf and sculpture

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'Mahabs', as it is fondly known locally, is a haven for art buffs. Built in the 7th and 8th centuries (AD), during the reigns of the Pallava kings, Narasimha Varman I (630-688 AD) and Narasimha Varman II (700-728 AD), the port of Mamallapuram thrived during the Pallava rule and was a major attraction for both Indian and foreign ships of the era. However, once the powers of the Pallava dynasty declined, Mamallapuram began to lose its luster and the glory days became a dream of the distant past. The architecture is an apt testimony to Tamil cultural heritage and the shore temple in particular, strikingly lit at night, is one of the most photographed monuments in India. Quick Tips: The best wa...Read More
This is perhaps the best accomodation you can find at Mahabs. You can get a wide variety of cuisine. After a sumptuous late dinner, what could be better than a long walk along the surf basking in the golden moonlight.

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The Fisherman's Cove
Chengai M.G.R.District
Mahabalipuram, India

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