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August Day In Manhattan

An August 2002 trip to New York by ejdykstra

Quote: New York is the most international city in the world.So much to see and do,and I tried in 1 day.

August Day In Manhattan


For me the best moment was getting a new appreciation for NYC from atop the Empire State Building.I love the Chrysler Building also.The ferry to Liberty Island gives an awe-inspiring view of lower Manhattan also.Don't be afraid to walk the streets too.

Quick Tips:

For everything..GET THERE EARLY!

Best Way To Get Around:

Use your feet,subways,and trains.Don't bother with the bus(it took 45 mins. to get from Battery Park to 42nd St. which is 3 miles),I could have walked faster.Taxis are a do-not,they charge alot and are unpredictable.

Hostelling International New York

Hotel | "HI New York"

The biggest hostel in the world.The price was actually $25.00-$30.00.1 block from the subway,and 3 blocks from Central Park the hostel is located on the Upper West Side at 103rd/Amsterdam.It even has a garden in the backyard.Many nice people.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on August 14, 2002

Hostelling International New York
891 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, New York 10025
(212) 932-2300