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Quote: Helpful information for foreigners living in New York City.

New York for Foreigners


I recommend: * Buying a bike for the summer * Subscribing to Time Out (suits any budget) * Joining a club (eg The New York Magpies Aussie Rules football team) * Making up a good story to avoid lines at nightclubs * Central Park * Brunch on weekends * Lower East Side

Quick Tips:

Try not to use a broker and pay exhorbitant fees and start up costs when you first arrive. Try to get a temporary apartment until you decide where in Manahattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey or Queens you want to live.

Best Way To Get Around:

Walking, bike, subway, taxi.

Greenwich Village

Best Of IgoUgo

Attraction | "Greenwich Village - Writers Past & Present"

This was the best value for money tour I have ever done. I did this walking tour with my grandparents when they came to visit. It was brilliant. Historian John Hamilton and poet Edward Kearon Lorenzo take you on a tour of historic homes and watering holes of the Village's best known artists. The tour starts in Washington Square Park. The guides point out the Federation style houses and tell us who lives, and has lived, at some of the addresses. John showed us where the Forbes Museum is and suggested that it is one of the city’s best kept, and cheapest, secrets. They showed us where Charles Lindberg lived and told us of how he was awarded $25k for being the first to cross the Atlantic...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on September 24, 2002

Greenwich Village
Houston To 14th Street
New York, New York 10014

helpful website


Quote: is a non-profit website and helps foreigners (or even Americans in cities outside of their home town) to find accommodations (sublets also advertised), temporary work (including focus groups etc. i.e. no resume required... or visa!), community chat boards, and items for sale (for eg if you need to buy a bike, sofa, shelves, etc).

Go to the website and then click on the city you want to search from the list on the right hand column.

Most Americans do not like to travel last minute. They need to plan their 2 weeks vacation very carefully. Often, one week is already tied up in time share!!

But, for expats / foreigners who are accustomed to travelling at the spur of the moment, or taking an impromptu trip (say, accross to the continent for the people who used to live in London) then I suggest getting onto It includes great deals from the US to anywhere. They are usually packages, and you may not use part of them, but they still seem to work out cheaper than if you buy the flights, hotels etc separately. Just a suggestion....

This is not an advertisement....

I recently changed jobs and needed to transfer my H1-B visa. I have had friends who have paid up to $6,000 to do this. But, a friend of mine suggested a group of lawyers who did it for me for $600 in legal fees (in addition to the $1,100 or so that your new company must pay to file the transfer application with the INS). The firm is Fasulo, Shalley & DiMaggio and they are located downtown and the number is 212 566 6212. Sandor Krauss is the name of the attorney who did the work for me. He was very helpful.