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Let's Rock & Roll!

A July 2002 trip to Cleveland by ssapp

Quote: A surprisingly enjoyable visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum

Let's Rock & Roll!

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While visiting friends from grad school days, we spent the day after the Fourth of July touring the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (why Cleveland? because Alan Freed, one of the early forces behind R & R, got his start there). In a modern building on the shore of Lake Erie near the Cleveland Browns Stadium, the museum traces the history of R & R from its roots in folk, gospel, and blues up to today. One can quibble over the amount of space given to certain artists over others (Jimi Hendrix instead of Elvis?), but this place is worth a good chunk of time. Quick Tips: Don't miss John Lennon's report cards and discover how many of his teachers concluded he would "never amount to much"!Best Way ...Read More