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An April 2002 trip to Kenai by hurstlacey

Resurrection Bay Photo, Kenai, Alaska More Photos
Quote: I am an off-season traveler. I love the lack of crowds, the chance for bargains. Travel in the shoulder season is all that, but never count weather out of the Alaskan Equasion.

Kenai Penninsula

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Resurrection Bay Photo, Kenai, Alaska
Leave Ancorage and it's limited experiences and get going. Our successful trips out of the city took us to Seward, Homer(less successful) and through nearly endless vistas of mountains and snow. Seward was the best part of the trip, and we could have been happy there for two days, but we only had one. The highlight was a boat trip into Resurection Bay to see wildlife. Until May that is the only option, as the two companies only have one trip a day. Later in the spring and summer there are trips to the Kenai Fijords, where glaciers compete with whales for excitement. The town also has a rewarding Sealife Center, built with the Valdez settlement. The main street was the quaintest street we saw in our tr...Read More
Windsong Lodge Photo, Kenai, Alaska
Here the off-season gods were in our favor. I called the cruise company we were going to use and asked them if they had any packages. They offered us a package for $99 a person that included the $69 day cruise and one night in the Windsong Lodge, double occupancy. The room was beautiful, the view above the parking lot was excellent, and the price couldn't be beat. Unfortunately, the restaurant wasn't open yet, but we had already eaten in town.

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Windsong Lodge
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