Newport Journals

"Sailing into Newport"

A September 2001 trip to Newport by housefrau

Quote: Newport is a port town but to pleasure craft that measure in the 100 foot range. Sailing is a passion here as exhibited in September.The in the water boat show is held then and thousands of people pay money to board the crafts of the rich and famous.

"Sailing into Newport"


A visit to the boat show is like going to the mansions, but on the water. Imagine a 100 foot sailing vessel with a master cabin, three double cabins, two heads, a dining room, galley and mates quarters for four, AND a washer and dryer. You know the owners never cooked a meal on board or got off with their hair uncoiffed. As a sailor on a thirty foot boat, I can't tell you what a luxury that last item is. Then there are the power yachts with their staterooms of grandeur with matching curtains and spreads, furniture that is only found in magazines, and original artworks on the walls. It is a different world to be looked into like a voyeur...unless, of course, you have an income beyond six figures. ...Read More