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Sit Back and Enjoy ... Kuantan, Malaysia!

An April 2000 trip to Kuantan by ElyseMc

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Quote: Kuantan ... a quiet, sleepy, rural, resort town. Great food, and even better shopping!

Sit Back and Enjoy ... Kuantan, Malaysia!


Kuantan, Malaysia, is a small resort town on the east coast of Malaysia. Although not a commonly known vacation spot (for us, anyway!), Kuantan was well worth the trip over! If you're into fresh seafood, Kuantan is the place! We had wonderful food the whole visit!

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We used taxis some, but mostly rode in the cars of our friends. Malaysia is a place where the ex-pats are allowed to drive, and that's so nice. Living in China, it is recommended that we don't drive, since traffic is a nightmare! Taxis were a little hard to come by ... A call is required to get one. Don't expect to see them driving around, looking for a fare!

Bezerah Seafood


This place is just what I wanted it to be. An open-air restaurant on the beach, serving fresh seafood. Each dish caused us to ooh and ahhh ... Fresh fish, huge prawns, crabs ... you name it. I loved it, and so would you!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on August 16, 2000

Bezerah Seafood
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Kuantan, Malaysia

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Sunday morning, we left Bangkok and headed out for a flight to Kuala Lumpur (west coast of Malaysia) and then for Kuantan (east coast of Malaysia), which was our destination. We left Bangkok in a steady rain (GEE! That must have been when our suitcase and most of my clothes got wet!) and arrived in Kuantan between two thunderstorms. When I saw the threatening clouds, my heart skipped a few beats when I realized that we were flying right into them! Amazingly enough, our flight was not too turbulent, and we arrived just in time for the first downpour to end, but before the second downpour started. I have to tip my hat to the Malaysia Airline pilots - they did their job well, and definitely to my satisfa...Read More