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An April 2002 trip to Reykjavik by socprofkim

Gulfoss Photo, Reykjavik, Iceland More Photos
Quote: Iceland is an amazing geographic destination; truly the land of fire and ice. Despite the unwelcoming name of the country, the weather is quite beautiful and the air fresher than anywhere I have ever visited.


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Gulfoss Photo, Reykjavik, Iceland
From the moment I landed in their mostly glass building airport, I was in awe. What a wonderful place to enjoy nature at its very best. Geographically speaking, Iceland is often dubbed the country of fire and ice. Volcanic rock, geysers, and glaciers explain why. Let's not forget the infamous geothermal hot springs, the Blue Lagoon, located not too far from the airport. The most unique place I visited was the Phallological Museum. It was a few blocks away from Hotel Borg and is open limited hours. The museum prides itself for its collection of phalluses. The rumor is that they plan to have a human phallus for display shortly. In the meantime, we'll have to be in awe of the other 100 on display. ...Read More

Hotel Borg


Hotel Borg Photo, Reykjavik, Iceland
Hotel Borg is a very classy hotel with an art deco feel; it even has a "lift," better known as the old fashioned elevator. Prices when I was there in the spring were very reasonable, but summer rates can get quite expensive. Keep in mind that prices include private shower and their version of a continental breakfast. Location is perfect, right in the heart of the country's capitol. Of the roughly 250,000 Icelandic residents, over half of them live in this single city. The hotel is walking distance to anywhere in the downtown area (note: across the street is the hottest nightclub, NASA). The party starts at about midnight until the wee hours of the morning. For those who insist on staying "conn...Read More

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Hotel Borg
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