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Travelling through Pisa

A January 1999 trip to Pisa by janson25

Quote: Pisa has one the most famous attractions in the world, the Leaning tower. This is a very quiant but big town, in the fact that the Leaning tower of Pisa is there. I hope that you enjoy my article..

Travelling through Pisa


Pisa is very famous for one thing: the tower. But few people realize that it is a picturesque little Italian town. The tower is by far the majority of it, but there are also other beautiful buildings nearby. It is in an open field, where there are many vendors willing to sell you a souvenir. It is very interesting; they say within the next few years that they will allow people to go in and go to the top. They are able to do this because they are pulling the tower back straight by cables and placing ballasters on the back of it. So little by little it will become straigher but, don't worry, they won't make it completely straight - because it then it would just be the Tower of Pisa. Quick Tips:...Read More