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September in Iowa

A September 2001 trip to Panora by DianeA

Quote: We (my husband and I) went to Panora, Iowa to Clover Ridge Resort (a National Golf course, very nice) by Lake Panorama (beautiful). Beautiful area 45 miles from Des Moines. Panora is a quaint small town.

September in Iowa

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We drove to the Amana Colonys as a day trip. It is approximately 2 hours away. Beautiful drive and good roads. It is well worth going to see. Shopping is wonderful, food is great and the wine tasting is fun. I got a wonderful bottle of Dandelion Wine! You can walk around the town or drive your car. Being we were staying at one of the top 100 golf courses, Jim and a friend, Don, spent some quality time on the course. The 5th hole was right out our back door. I and friend Donna went and hit a bucket of balls. It is a beautiful, long course that runs in places by the lake. It is a fairly good sized lake. There is also a short 9 hole course. Donna and I took in some of the shoppi...Read More

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