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Spectacular Fauquier, British Columbia

A May 2002 trip to Revelstoke by Rafal

Fauquier, BC, Canada Photo, Revelstoke, British Columbia More Photos
Quote: On the Lower Arrow Lakes between Selkirk and Monashee Mountains in a remote location of the West Kootneys is the scenic settlement of Fauquier. This is a typical "off the beaten path" destination.

Spectacular Fauquier, British Columbia

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Fauquier, BC, Canada Photo, Revelstoke, British Columbia
It was in 1969 that BC Hydro signed the "Columbia River Treaty" with local communities along the Columbia River to move their communities to the new location. The new location was due to the flooding of the Columbia River, which raised the shorelines. The new, reestablished Fauquier located in a spectacular mountains setting offers one of the best, serene vacations with a great golf course. Quick Tips: The 9-hole golf course designed on the shores of Lower Arrow Lakes offers many challenges to any avid golfer. Many former logging roads offer fantastic hiking and bicycle trails in the area for those who like to spend their vacation staying active. Arrow Lakes Valley offers many attract...Read More

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