New Orleans Journals

New Orleans Excitement

A May 2002 trip to New Orleans by MarilynL

Quote: We had a wonderful holiday at The Avenue Plaza Resort and Spa on historical St. Charles Ave.

New Orleans Excitement


We took the walking tour the resort offered and spent several enjoyable hours photographing the old homes and breathtaking gardens.

We loved the ghost tour given of the old home next door. The pool was in a garden that looked like a movie setting.

The location is good for seeing The French Quarter, just hop a streetcar and transfer, very easy.

Quick Tips:

The restaurant within the hotel was very good. Parking was by valet only.

Best Way To Get Around:

Although you do need a car to get around the areas, you can do many local things by streetcar.

Equivest Avenue Plaza & Pro Spa

Hotel | "Equivest Avenue Plaza & Pro Spa"

Best Things Nearby:We loved St Charles Avenue. We walked the area taking in the old homes and gardens. The streetcar outside our condo was very welcome.Best Things About the Resort:The location was great, the staff friendly.Resort Experience:It was like a five star hotel. The furnishings were elegant and what one would expect from a plantation. The front desk personnel were so considerate. The work out area is one of the best we've seen. Unit Type: 1 Bedroom Activities: Excellent Amenities: Excellent Unit Satisfaction: ...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on May 27, 2002

Equivest Avenue Plaza & Pro Spa
2111 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130