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Mexico City

An April 2002 trip to Mexico City by Ivanhoe

Quote: In here you'll find some practical tips to get around in Mexico City and so to know what to visit

Mexico City


Antropologic museum
National palace

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National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru

Attraction | "Museo Nacional de Antropologia"

This museum is huge. It gives a complete overview of the different cultures and civilisations which lived over the centuries in the area now known as Mexico. Each period in history with a distinct dominant culture has its own department and collection.

Of course there are some things you can't miss : the atlant from Tula is great, the maya sun calendar is top of the bill, the mexica department with a collection of items about Tenochtitlan (the aztec city of Mexico city) with maps, maquettes and drawings is a must before visiting the centre of Mexico city. And all this is situated in a great park, in a modern building with an innovative architecture. Come see this !

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on May 23, 2002

National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru
Plaza Bolívar s/n, Pueblo Libre
Lima, Peru
+51 (1) 463 5070

Prices have risen, but mostly are still reasonable : Transport : Metro : 2 pesos per ride Bus (collectivo) in town : 2 pesos per ride Bus to Teotihuacan from MEX city : 23 pesos one way per person Attractions : Xochimilco boat : 100 pesos per boat per hour Templo Mayor : 35 pesos Museo Antropologico : 35 pesos Teotihuacan : 35 pesos National palace : free Kathedral : free Bellas Artes : 25 pesos Tip : On sunday alle attractions are for free ! However, be there on time, because all Mexicans know this so it gets really crowdy in the afternoons. On national holiday - if open - attra...Read More