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Bruce Peninsula National Park

A September 2001 trip to Ontario by Tim G

Quote: Although it takes a little effort to get to, I love this place. I try to go frequently. Located where the Niagara escarpment meets Georgian Bay this national park offers great scenery, hiking, camping, climbing, swimming, diving, etc.

Bruce Peninsula National Park


Hike along the escarpment. The Grotto is a special highlight, but every turn in the trail seems to bring you to an incredible cliff over looking Georgian Bay. If you're up to it and can do it safely, climbing the cliffs can be real fun. During the summer months swimming here is also a lot of fun. Though one needs to be wary when of water conditions. When the winds are high the water can be quite treacherous. To see photos check out http://parkscanada.pch.gc.ca/parks/ontario/bruce_peninsula/english/gallery_e.htmQuick Tips: Scuba diving at nearby Fathom Five National Park is a worthwhile diversion for those who like scuba diving. Day trips into the town of Tobermory can be quite pleasent....Read More

Cyprus Lake Campground

Best Of IgoUgo


Nice campsites with good facilities. The use of gravel on some sites to insure good drainage was a bit of a downer for me. But it was still nice. If you find the campsites too developed and find the place unspectacular. Reserve judgement for until you get out hiking on the escarpment. Your perception of the place will change in a hurry. If I have a knock on the camping here it would be that it's too developed. But then people like me prefer camping out on the trails anyway. Some important notes: 1) You must buy firewood from the camp office. Collecting your own is illegal and can bring you a major fine if you're found out. 2) Group rates are different than those quo...Read More

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