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India. Leaving Darjeeling for Kakarbitta and later on to Janakpur

A December 2000 trip to Darjeeling by cosmic chris

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Quote: Darjeeling is a lovely place so leaving was always going to be difficult. The share jeeps down the mountain are fun if a little cramped. None the less the scenery is fanatastic.

India. Leaving Darjeeling for Kakarbitta and later on to Janakpur


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Tiger Hill at dawn is a must if you can face rising at 0330hrs. Spectacular views are par for the course in Darjeeling, but this beats everything. You'll be above the clouds when the sun hits Katchenjunga, the 4th highest mountain in the world (pray for a clear morning) Needless to say the road down is great for views too. The short walks around Darjeeling town are varied in difficulty and distance. The walk down to the snow leopard sanctuary is easy. Quick Tips: Pack something to eat as the journey to the Siliguri is long. Alternatively be prepared to eat at roadside vendors and run the associted risks. Bring good walking footwear. Some Western style shoes will struggle with ice that forms...Read More
The Shamrock guest house is run by a sherpa and his mother. It'll be full of treckers. The rooms are basic and the bathroom is a room with a bucket full of hot water. Its not for everyones taste but the people who stay here are very knowledgible and friendly.

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The food here ia mix of continental European and British high tea. Pizzas are available as are many other snack type dishes. Its a breath of fresh air after the other cities in India. One curious mentionable item; the butter is unpasteurised and gives off the odour of something not quite right.

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Tiger Hill

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Tiger Hill is the highest point in the area providing spectacular views of Kanchenjunga peak. If the day is clear, the sight of Mt. Everest at a distance of 70 miles is truly stupendous. The sun rising and striking first Katchenjunga and then the surrounding area including the clouds which it appears you’re standing over is an unforgettable experience. Every day, a large number of people flock to this place to catch a glimpse of sunrise. The ideal way to enjoy the sunrise is over a cup of steaming coffee. Hot drinks are the order of the day since the drafty viewing structure afford very little protection against the freezing morning air. The viewing structure which can be accessed by paying a few rupe...Read More

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