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Quote: Delish, cheap, Hawaiian food, close to the freeway and right across the street from the Cerritos Mall. One of my Hawaiian friends says this was his favorite place to eat and hang out when he was a teenager in Hawaii.

L&L Hawaiian BBQ

Restaurant | "L&L Hawaiian BBQ"

This fast food place is not your typical burger joint. Although they do offer hamburgers, I can't imagine why anyone would order anything so mundane. Choose, instead, the Hawaiian BBQ chicken, beef, short ribs, or combo plate, which comes with rice and macaroni salad, or any of their typical Hawaiian dishes, such as Saimin (noodle soup), curry, or one of my favorites, the mahi-mahi sandwich. It's not low-calorie, but worth the splurge!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on May 11, 2002

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