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Skopje for Beginners and Enthusiasts

A travel journal to Skopje by Far Leys

Quote: Skopje is the capital and biggest city in Macedonia. It's citizens are famous for their hospitality and frendliness so there's absoultely no doubt you will have a nice time if you visit it.

Skopje for Beginners and Enthusiasts


Sincerely, there's nothing exceptional about Skopje, but still it's a nice place. Visit the city fortress Kale, which offers a beautiful view of the city, the Stone bridge, which is the symbol of Skopje, the old turkish bazaar, take a walk by the riverside of Vardar, the city park, check out the famous woodwork and frescoes in church Sveti Spas and Sveti Pantelejmon, or just sit in some cafe in the centre of town and watch the world go by.Quick Tips: The accommodation is expensive so try smaller hotels, or if you want to stay a month or so you could rent a flat (which is a little harder). The food is cheap, especially if you cook your own and buy what you need from green markets. The nightlif...Read More

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Far Leys
Skopje, Maine

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