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A travel journal to New York by binkybink

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Quote: Born and bred New Yorker feels like sharing her love of the city.

New York :: Native Style


Taste of New York Life Photo, New York, New York
Never pass up an opporunity to go to Rudy's bar (there is a review in the journal). Greatest Jazz dive bar in New York with free hot dogs, pinball, and more conversation than anyone can handle.

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No matter what, walk or take the train.

Grace Church

Best Of IgoUgo


Grace Church Photo, New York, New York
You've seen St. Patricks, everyone has seen St. Patricks, but have you been to the church where Tiny Tim was married? Also David Duchovny and Tea Leoni (which is simalar to Tiny Tim in an X-Files kind of way). What most people don't know about the Church is the school attached to it will often be performing for free. On Sunday's if you're looking for a good concert, the Grace Church School's boys choir (which in New York is rather famous) always sings for services. During the Holidays should be in New York pick up a program or schedule for the services, Christmas is always packed because the 8th grade puts on a show about the birth of jesus, three wise men and all. Even if you're not religious it ...Read More

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Grace Church
802 Broadway
New York, New York 10011
+1 212 254 2000

Mermaid Parade

Attraction | "Coney Island Mermaid Parade"

Mermaid Parade Photo, New York, New York
If you're going to spend time outdoors during the New York summers you have to get sweaty and costumed with the ladies of the sea. Tens of Thounsands of people walking the street in mermaid and other aquatic costumes all vying for the noble "king and queen" of the parade award. While you're being misted by the fire deparment's sprays of water and entertained by the drag queen dancers and mint condition fish tail cadillacs you can eat a Nathan's hot dog, and ride the wonderwheel all for under $15 dollars.

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Mermaid Parade
Surf Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11224
+1 718 372 5159

Biking New York

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If weather permits a great way to see New York without spendng a fortune and getting a dose of daily life is biking. I will stress that if you want to do bike on the streets be very careful. Look out for parked cars with people in them as doors opening are the death of most bikers. Stay away from high traffic areas (midtown) as best you can because all New Yorkers in cars, or walking will torture bikers who don't know how to work the streets. I'm a New York bike rider, and I avod midtown during the 5 - 7 pm slot.There are two great places where you can catch more views of the city and more attractions then most realize. The first is West Way. Former Mayor Gulianni s...Read More

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