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The Cove At Yarmouth - A Cape Cod Resort Disaster

Posted by ken1002508 on April 11, 2010

Being a founding owner at the Cove of Yarmouth some 26 years ago, I have witnessed the downward spiral of what was once a great idea into what has become a money hungry enterprise. In the past few years, my family and I have refused to stay there as the Cove has demanded to be paid for amenities that owners should be given without charge, mainly because of the high maintenance fees that are squeezed from us on a yearly basis. Charge what you want from the out of state visitors but make it known that the owners, from the start, built that place and without us, there would be no Cove at Yarmouth. We have had numerous run-ins with the staff over the years, from the sales staff to the front desk. One case in point: many years ago during a stay there, my son was almost run over by an arrogant woman. After not being able to find a parking spot near my unit, I had to park at the far end of the property and walk in the frigid cold (February school vacation). When we got close to our unit, a spot opened up and I asked my 8 year old to stand there while I ran back to get my vehicle. In the meantime, a woman driving a Jeep forced my son out of the way with her car to claim that space and when confronted by my wife about her behavior, she basically gave my wife the finger and entered the property. I reported this to the front desk and when I realized that I was talking to the wall, I contacted the Yarmouth police. Come to find out the woman was a waitress in the bar upstairs, a local resident and known by the police. The police refused to act. I have other instances that I could share with you, from the deceiving sales staff to the recreation staff that demand your hard earned money so your kids can enjoy a great family vacation. Contact me. Save your money and stay somewhere else. The Ramada Inn down the street has a well heated pool and won't nickel and dime you to death.

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