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Posted by werner1 on March 31, 2010

Want to visit a spot off the beaton track, away from the cliche tourism spots? Advocate Harbour is a gem! A small fishing village on the Bay of Fundy this place hosts two incredible natural destinations. On one side of the village is Cape d'Or where three tidal currents clash to create these awesome Dory Rips - on the other side is the towering sea cliffs of Cape Chignecto. Some of the best wilderness hikes in the country here, plus sea kayaking. Its the largest provincial park in Nova Scotia. Not only does this area have the highest tides on earth, but the shoreline is carved into a fantasy-land of sea stacks caves and arches. Waterfalls tumble to the sea from the cliffs, moose and black bear roam the woods and eagles soar above the escarpment - WoW!!! The tidal harbour in the village is also fascinating as the tides lift the fishing boats to the top of the wharf at high tide, and deposit them on the ocean floor at low - it happens every 6 hours.

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