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Al Qaeda Attacks in Yemen...Again


Posted by fallschirmhosen on March 20, 2009

Just curious: With the two Al Qaeda attacks on South Koreans this week in Yemen, killing 4 South Koreans and a few other Yemenis, does this discourage any of you interested in visiting Yemen from ever visiting? I was there in 2007, and actually stood on the site of the latest deadly attack, though I would probably return if I had the opportunity to go again.


Reply by koshkha on March 22, 2009

I used to regularly take trips with the UK-based tour company who lost half the people in one of their groups in a shoot out in Yemen a few years ago. For me Yemen was already off the radar screen and this latest attack only confirms those feelings.


Reply by CarolinaPanthers1983 on March 30, 2009

I have been to three Middle Eastern countries- Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar. If you want to go to a Middle East country that is very safe, I would suggest to go to Qatar. I spent one day, and I pray that I can return again one day. Qatar is beautiful and the people are very nice.


Reply by barbara on June 16, 2009

Of course any attack by extremists make a place less attractive to visit, but I don't worry as much about individual acts of terror. I look more at how a country in general views my own country. This probably isn't the best system, but this is the honest answer.... I mean, while I wish to be respectful of others, I don't really have any interest in ever supporting an economy that wishes death and destruction on MY culture... or visiting a place where a lot of people who wish death and destruction to me just because of my nationality have a substantial toehold.,,. It's way too big of a globe to not go places where I feel a wee bit more welcome. And it's not really worth the risk.


Reply by merda on September 06, 2009

I would like to know in which circumstances the attacks happened in order to avoid them.

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