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Traveling with children...what a GREAT education!!

Paradise Plans

Posted by Paradise Plans on March 19, 2010

If there was one thing I would recommend to every parent it is to travel with their children. It doesn't matter what age they are or where you go. The adventure of taking a journey together will create lifelong memories that are priceless.

We travel constantly with our children and have since 2 days after our oldest was born. If you have any questions or want advice, let me know. I think the opportunities to share your experiences, knowledge, and values are well worth the effort. Your kids will do better in school too when they can relate directly to the things the teachers are talking about.

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Reply by evalaviajera on March 31, 2010

In my opinion England is one of the best places for a family vacation:

London: Cartoon Museum, Pollock's Toy Museum, Medieval Banquet, Jack the Ripper Walking Tour, endless list of musicals, London Dungeons, Shakespeareâ, Globe Theater, Madame Tussauds wax museum, the royal palaces, music shops, Hide Park, Covent Garden, London zoo, Old Operating Theatre Museum, London Wetland Centre, Jason's Canal Boat, Planet Hollywood and more (in easyclicktravel web site, activity and in easyclicktravel web site,travel guide, london, attractions) .
York: York Dungeons, Treasurer's House, York City Walls, Shambles, Castle Museum, Yorkboat and of course the unforgettable Jorvik Viking Center (yahoo travel- York, United Kingdom Attractions)
Oxford: Shakespeare's Country, Windsor http (dayoutwiththekids)

Aren't we all grown up kids? :)


Reply by barbara on April 14, 2010


I agree that England can be a wonderful place to travel with children, but because of the expense, I would advise Americans to make their first trip across the pond when their kids are over 12. They'll still completely love places like Warwick Castle if traveling outside of London or attractions like the London Eye within London. But they'll appreciate some of the other sites more if a teenager. I mean, this doesn't mean that a kid won't love the Tower of London at any age. He/she probably will. (The Beefeaters do an amazing job!) But I personally think places like the Globe make a bigger impression on a teenager. (By then, he's read Shakespeare and might even like him.)

Having said all of that, our son loved many things England when we were living in Britain, and I wish we'd had a chance to explore even more. I have only driven through York, for instance. (There is sooooo much to see in this small but DENSE country, that I think we'd've had to have spent several lifetimes---and small fortunes---to really see it all.)

And... I admit. I'm kinda sad I never made it over to the new Charles Dickens World they have on the outskirts of London. (After almost three years in the UK, we've moved home to the US.) The brochures looked oh-so-cheesy, but by goodness! If it was done well, it is probably a great family adventure to step back into a Disney-fied version of Victorian England!!!

"May I have more, sir, please!" :)

At the least, I'D'VE had fun!

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