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Hello !

Posted by bettywilson on March 12, 2010

Hi ! I'm a new member of this forum . i would like to participate to this forum . i hope you to share my ideas! i hope i get good response.Thanks

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Reply by AstaRoo on June 03, 2010

What are your ideas and what can we share with you? Interests? Planning a trip?

I'm new too and look forward to getting some good info and making some on-line friends.


Reply by vampirefan on June 04, 2010

If either one of you are looking to particiapte in the forums you need to be specific in what you are looking for or what your are looking to discuss.

If you are looking to share your ideas..what kind of ideas? Do you want to tell people about things to do in your city or share some of your favorite places? That is one of the things journals are for.

If you would like to get a response, people have to have an idea of what you are looking for.

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